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New Bundle! 12 previous issues of Shadow & Light Magazine

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This new bundle will include issues 40-52 ( I know it is now 13 issues!), which will include several Special Issues:

40: Color It Red 2021: Dale Niles, Emma Powell, Felice Boucher, Jennifer Bong, JP Terlizzi, Kirsten Hoving, Mara Zaslove, Sheba Amante
41: Kat Moser, Steve Bundy, Amy Ditto, E.E. McCollum, Sarah Hadley, Deb Schwedhelm, Karin Hillmer 
42: Surreal: Brooke Shaden, Nicole York, Sharon Covert, Paul Biddle, Joan Proudman, Jari Poulin, Steve Immel
43: Tim Anderson, Kevin Black, Steve Greines, Immel, Jordan, Kappy, Mccollum, Tarras, Vogel
44: Black & White 2021: Graham, Austen, Bong, Carter, Anderson, Green, Greines, Iviry, Leclerc, Manning, Matthews, Niles
45: (Above) Anderson, Burra, Chambers, Dubler, Immel, Sanville
46: Dubler, Immel, Landreth, McCollum, Perry, Rosenthal, Anderson
47: Jerry Uelsmann Tribute: Uelsmann, Bloomfield, Hoffman, Immel, Kuhn, Lewis, McCollum, Szabo, Anderson
48: Color It Red 2022: Anderson, Bong, Egerman, Jones, Lane, McFadden, Terlizzi, Zendejas, Zousmer
49: Language of the Land: Allen, Anderson, Custodio, Guenther, Melnikova-Raich, Smith, Tillison
50: Extended: Airey, Arlook, Burra, Farber, Goyer, Graham, Hadley, Robeck, Terlizzi, Thompson, David Duplessie Tribute
51: Black & White 2023: Austen, Custodio, Egerman, Fox, Green, Immel, Morrison, Numme, Schewe, Spiro, Sternenberg
52: Anderson, Chambers, Dweck, Elkind, Forman, Gray, Immel, McCollum, Werthmann, Zaremba


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In this bundle there are 12 issues, with 1 additional issue... See above for complete (I hope!) listing of issues and theor content.

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New Bundle! 12 previous issues of Shadow & Light Magazine

1 rating
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