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Shadow & Light Magazine, Special Subscription

Tim Anderson
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Shadow & Light Magazine is a bi-monthly, (six-issue) PDF/print publication that seeks to discover and publish great images by emerging and contemporary photographers, as well as offer articles on subjects that are enlightening, instructive, and informative to a world-wide audience.

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Stephen Starkman and Torrance York (cover) are experiencing extreme life challenges. Yet, in spite of (or maybe because of) those challenges, they are continuing to be creative with their photography. The article written by E.E. McCollum, traces their singular journey and may offer something more than wonderful image creation by these two photographers who have now become friends. Read on…

The past two months have been extremely busy for me for a variety of reasons and I just didn’t have time to assemble the magazine in a timelier manner than just finishing it the day before release. As such, I went to one of my “future feature” folders and decided on two other photographers I reviewed at that same LACP portfolio review session mentioned above.

Nathalie Seaver’s images of flowers seek to “reveal the hidden enchantment and splendor of the natural world through the calming power of flowers.” Nina Welch-Kling’s “Duologies” series offers images that might enable us to look a little closer at life and view the common connections created differently as we navigate our daily lives.

Alberto Sisso comes to this issue from a subscriber who admires his work which will possibly make you see that roadside old and falling-down barn in a different light. Dolores Lusitana was found when I went to an opening in which Seaver was a featured artist, at Edition One Gallery in Santa Fe. Her intriguing images of patterns and reflections seen “while wandering the alleys and streets of her neighborhood create a challenge of wanting to see without prior intent.”

Luc Korda’s new book is part of a continuing series that explores the “unseen” parts of major cities throughout the world. In New York Unseen we are offered glimpses of lives lived in plain view, but rarely recognized.

Steve Immel continues his highly-regarded feature, “Telling Stories,” and takes us on a trip following clouds in the southwest. As usual, his writing is informative and his photographs excellent!

In this issue the return of “Color It Red,” one of our most popular calls-for-entry is being announced. This will be its 12th edition. As an inspiration a few pages are being dedicated to past winners and their Grand Prize-winning cover images.

Also in this issue I (Tim Anderson) reached back to an earlier issue to repurpose an article I wrote in 2020, “A Portrait Primer in Four Parts.” This occurs when I am working on the final touches of an issue and realize that there are a few pages I need to fill, which happens if I can’t pull together a piece I had been working on with a photographer. I hope you enjoy the rewind!


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