Shadow & Light Magazine, Special Subscription

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Shadow & Light Magazine, Special Subscription

Tim Anderson
47 ratings

Shadow & Light Magazine is a bi-monthly, (six-issue) PDF/print publication that seeks to discover and publish great images by emerging and contemporary photographers, as well as offer articles on subjects that are enlightening, instructive, and informative to a world-wide audience.

We are also very aware that the last year is one most of us want to erase. It is our hope this offer will enable you to grab a subscription for a very low credit-card friendly rate. Yep!

Because we want as many people as possible to be receiving this magazine in their inbox, we have decided to keep the extremely low $10 rate as our new "forever" rate!

Subscribe now and your first subscribed issue will be the January/February 2023 issue of Shadow & Light Magazine, to be released January 15, 2023.


With your subscription you will also receive (free) our Extended Special Issue! This issue contains excellent examples of how creative photographers are stretching the boundaries of photography, including a feature on Artificial Intelligence. Some may even be breaking away from photography, itself, to discover where their passion and discovery takes them.

In this issue: Stephen Robeck, JP Terlizzi, Sarah Hadley, Cole Thompson, Debe Arlook, Robert Farber, Susan B. Graham, Patrizia Burra, John Goyer, Theresa Airey, Steve Immel, Tim Anderson.

I want this!

With your subscription, you will receive the current issue (free-pictured), 6 issues/PDF, 100 pages, and compelling writing, as well as stunning photography!

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