Shadow & Light Magazine, Special Subscription

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Shadow & Light Magazine, Special Subscription

Tim Anderson
50 ratings

Shadow & Light Magazine is a bi-monthly, (six-issue) PDF/print publication that seeks to discover and publish great images by emerging and contemporary photographers, as well as offer articles on subjects that are enlightening, instructive, and informative to a world-wide audience.

We are also very aware that the last year is one most of us want to erase. It is our hope this offer will enable you to grab a subscription for a very low credit-card friendly rate. Yep!

Because we want as many people as possible to be receiving this magazine in their inbox, we have decided to keep the extremely low $10 rate as our new "forever" rate!

Subscribe now and your first subscribed issue will be the March/April 2023 issue of Shadow & Light Magazine, to be released March 15, 2023.


With your subscription you will also receive (free) our Black & White Special Issue! This issue contains excellent examples of how creative photographers are stretching the boundaries of photography, including a feature on Artificial Intelligence. Some may even be breaking away from photography, itself, to discover where their passion and discovery takes them.

In this issue: Heidi Egerman (cover winner), Jeff Schewe, Janet Morrison, John Custodio, Darcie Sternenberg, Marj Green, Steve Immel, Danielle Austen, Ilene Fox, Karen Numme, Lev Spiro.

I want this!

With your subscription, you will receive the current issue (free-pictured), 6 issues/PDF, 112 pages, and compelling writing, as well as stunning photography!

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